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Information on the processing of personal data

This text illustrates our policy on the processing of personal data collected through our contact systems and/or other services on the site www.trasimenoslowexperience.it

1) Type of data collected
The personal data sent through the services on the website www.trasimenoslowexperience.it are as follows:
• name and surname
• residential address
• email address
• telephone number
• payment card details
• access to Facebook and Twitter profile
• data relating to geolocation


The sending and consent to the processing of data is optional. The user is free to deny all or part of his consent to the sending and/or processing of his personal data, at the same time also renouncing the possibility of using the services provided by the site www.trasimenoslowexperience.it for which he requests the sending and consent to the processing of personal data. Consent is therefore mandatory for the provision of the services offered and for which it is requested.

The user is free to refuse consent according to what is reported in point 1.1. Refusing consent to the processing of personal data will result in failure to provide the service for which consent is requested.



The Data Controller adopts the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of Personal Data.
The processing is carried out using IT and/or telematic tools, with organizational methods and with logic strictly related to the purposes indicated.


1.4.1 Personal data sent to purchase the services offered.

The data collected is stored in digital form by the Data Controller. For the processing of purchase data, please refer to the Privacy Policy of Stripe, the platform adopted for online transactions. The credentials for accessing the Trasimeno Slow Experience Stripe account are known only to the Data Controller. The invoices automatically generated by Stripe are sent to the Accountant for the completion of the accounting records according to legal obligations.

1.4.2 The personal data submitted to share on Facebook.
For data relating to sharing via Facebook, please refer to the service’s Privacy Policy.

1.4.3 Personal data submitted to share on Twitter.
For data relating to sharing via Twitter, please refer to the service’s Privacy Policy.

1.4.4 Personal data submitted for geolocation.
For data collected for geolocation purposes, please refer to the Google Maps Privacy Policy.


1.5) Periodo di conservazione

I Dati sono trattati e conservati per il tempo richiesto dalle finalità per le quali sono stati raccolti.


I dati personali raccolti nel momento dell’acquisto sono conservati ai fini della registrazione e accoglienza dei partecipanti all’inizio di ogni attività prenotata.

I dati personali raccolti per la condivisione tramite Facebook sono conservati come indicato nella Privacy Policy del servizio.

I dati personali raccolti per la condivisione tramite Twitter sono conservati come indicato nella Privacy Policy del servizio.

I dati personali raccolti per la geolocalizzazione tramite Google Maps sono conservati come indicato nella Privacy Policy  del servizio.


The Data Controller may be obliged to keep personal data for a longer period in compliance with a legal obligation or by order of an authority.

At the end of the retention period, personal data will be deleted. Therefore, upon expiry of this term, the right of access, cancellation, rectification and the right to data portability can no longer be exercised.

2) Data Processor:
Naturalistic Study Hyla S.r.l.
Via Baroncino, 11
06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno
VAT number 03028710543


3) Rights of the interested party
3.1) The interested party has the right to obtain:
1. viewing, updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data;
2. the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
3. the attestation that the operations referred to in points 1 and 2 have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except in the case in which this fulfillment proves to be impossible or involves the use of means that are manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

4) Exercise of rights
The exercise of the rights described in paragraphs 3.1 may be carried out through specific communication to the data controller Studio Naturalistico Hyla S.r.l., Via Baroncino, 11, 06069 Tuoro sul Trasimeno – Perugia, info@hylagroup.net.

4) WordPress statistics
The function carries out statistics relating to the number of visits and the area of ​​origin of the visitors. For this purpose, it acquires the IP address of the users who, however, by appropriately setting the available options, are disguised (example: 888.888.888.888 > 888.888.888.000) preventing any possibility of tracing a specific person or physical address.


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