Group emotions

It is possible for a group to live a territory in a slow way? Of course! A new way of experiencing the journey is waiting for you, a journey through discovery and suggestions.


Skillfull artisans and artists shape their works giving life to something magical: come and see.

With taste

The lake is a place for unique flavours and products: taste the immense richness of the territory, discover it “with taste” and discover the secrets of traditional cuisine.

Our land

There’s a farmer in you: rediscover your world. Get in touch with the domestic and spontaneous nature and its ancestral cycles.

Around villages

Walking through towns and villages, churches and museums, discovering the most intimate corners of the lake, guided by those who know it in every detail.

On the water surface

There is a universe where the vital element dominates: it is the lake. Dive into a paradise of traditions, biodiversity and unforgettable beautiful scenery.


Do you feel your wild side? The forest is waiting for you. Open the chest of a mysterious and fantastic world that you can’t do without.

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