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We are a team of local professionals striving to involve visitors into our daily lives, activities and research, unlocking the soul of this unique territory by quietly walking through the woods, hills and meadows, sailing across the lake’s waters to discover its many secrets and allures.

Come with us and fully experience Lake Trasimeno’s wonders!

Our project Trasimeno Slow Experience guides visitors to the heart of Lake Trasimeno, its history, natural beauties and traditions, far from the beaten track and the touristy crowds, accompanied by locals and experts who know and love the area deeply.

Our programs and activities are also conceived for those who visit the area often but wish to have a unique experience, for a day or a few hours, on a boat – to rediscover and fully enjoy the watery scenes of the lake and its islands -, on horseback or in a carriage for special itineraries into the tiny medieval villages, with a slow-pace walk accompanied by local donkeys or simply hiking through the woods and hills surrounding the lake.

The ultimate experience to fully live and peacefully experience our gorgeous Lake Trasimeno!

Azzurra Leandri

Forever in love with the landscapes framing lake Trasimeno, where she lives. She strongly believes in environmental education to responsibly prepare the future generations to respect the natural patrimony.

Azzurra Leandri

Naturalist and environmental hiking guide
Francesca Montioni

Passionate about nature, its colors, shapes and its complexity. She believes that the magical world of bees, social insects who thrive only in a pristine environment, can be the gateway to unexpected awe and emotions. Born and raised in the Lake Trasimeno area, she has always loved its calm soothing waters, the silence of its woodlands and the scents of the countryside.

Francesca Montioni

Naturalist and Beekeeper
Emi Petruzzi

Born and grown on Lake Trasimeno, she loves its calm water, the silence of the woods, the smell of the countryside.

Emi Petruzzi

Naturalist and environmental hiking guide
Alessio Renzetti

A son of the Trasimeno in love with his homeland. History, nature, landscape and traditions blend together perfectly in his captivating storytelling.

Alessio Renzetti

Archeologist and environmental hiking guide
Cristiano Spilinga

Has always been fascinated with the natural world, he lives with his family in a farm surrounded by nature in the green rolling hills of Trasimeno.

Cristiano Spilinga

Naturalist and environmental hiking guide


Archivio Hyla
Gianluca Bencivenga
Alessio Renzetti
Laura Scalogni
Daniele Toccacelo

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